Case Studies

Capacity Development

The David Ping Group worked with a $5 million agency to develop a strategic plan. The organization had stalled in its fundraising, the board had become disengaged and had increasingly difficult relationships with local government officials. The plan identified several new funding and grant sources, developed a new social media strategy, developed an outreach campaign to local government officials and developed a specific plan for board capacity building. As a result, the organizations added 5% more revenue in the past year, added a “rainy day” fund from the additional revenue, added a tiered level of membership/organization support for donors, successfully replaced 3 board members, added 2 new board members and has improved government relations.

Strategic Planning and Operations Assistance

We developed a strategic plan for a $70 million social services agency. The plan called for the development of a new business development function and the reorganization of the agency. We initiated the business development function, which has resulted in $15 million of additional revenue in the past two years. The organization also went from multiple siloed services to a program oriented approach, resulting in greater communication, coordination and increased patient satisfaction.

Merger and Affiliation Assistance

Working with a $50 million social service agency, we identified potential merger partners and prioritized the order of potential discussions. We facilitated discussion to determine what our client wanted from a merger, what they needed, what they were willing to give up and what their non-negotiables were. Discussions are ongoing with a potential partner.