Is it time to merge?

COVID-19 has left many non-profits unsure of their ability to meet their mission, leaving  Management and boards to consider a merger or affiliation.  If your organization is at that point, answer these questions to enhance your likelihood of success.

1.     What do we need from a merger partner? – Capital? Cash flow? Management expertise?  Continued ability to operate?

2.     What do we offer to a merger partner? – Clients?  Cash? Community relationships?

3.     What do we want from this merger? – Soft landing for management team? Retention of staff?

4.     What are we willing to give up? – Control?  Board seats? Name/Identity?

5.     What are our deal breakers? – the non-negotiables that will stop the process

Realistically answering these questions will provide a road map to discussions with a potential partner.

My next post will discuss a process and timeline for merger/affiliation.