The David Ping Group has been working with People USA, a peer to peer organization that does extraordinary work for those afflicted with behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The Poughkeepsie-based agency has a national reputation for innovation and excellence.

This is the “season of giving”. We have all heard this phrase throughout our lives. It has a religious meaning and a humanitarian meaning as well. Most of the philanthropic dollars given to nonprofits for the benefit of others in America are generously given now!

Thanks to the generosity of the Dyson Foundation and the vision of People USA, the David Ping Group has launched the first year-end, fundraising appeal to support the work of this incredible agency. We will also be establishing a multifaceted, professional development program through next year, to provide financial resources critical to their work. I encourage you to get to know People USA, the impact they have had and will continue to have on our community.

As you consider worthy causes this “season of giving”, kindly make them a philanthropic priority and make a gift today. Go to From all of us at the David Ping Group, our best wishes for a joyous, safe holiday and Happy New Year! #peopleusa#dysonfoundation